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Forty-two insights; forty-two challenges.

Richard Dell, draws on a lifetime's contemplation of the world physical and the world spiritual. Here are insights into our perennial religious and spiritual questions. Here also is a language that is almost poetical, which is as it should be. How else can we hope to touch the untouchable, speak the unspeakable, except through words that suggest meanings beyond their meaning? How else can the untouchable hope to touch us, except when we have transcended mundane meaning and have somehow felt the stars that are forever beyond our reach, and yet are forever in our souls?

Richard's introduction ends in the following way:

... as the words in this book formed, the stars became a tangible metaphor for the heavens. In one sense, when we look up into the night sky we are literally looking at the heavens, at the ‘starry firmament’. In another sense, I ‘see’ God / Other - call it what you will - in everything. Every grain of dust, every cell, every plant, every creature; everything, and everyone. Certainly I ‘see’ God / Other - call it what you will - in the beautiful and seemingly endless night sky.