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A heartfelt lament for our present-day Christian churches that stick so rigidly to the original teachings of the church; doing so even though the great majority of our churches' flocks are no longer in the fold, are no longer reached by the old words and the old beliefs. By staying true to the original word, our churches are no longer true to their modern flock. Virgin births, resurrections, ascensions etc, no longer ‘speak' to twenty-first-century people who are beyond the fold, and yet who still believe in love and compassion and even universal justice and a benevolent universe; who do indeed still believe in God and the core teachings of Jesus.

Richard Dell, in almost Biblical language, pleads for our churches to take risks with faith and God, to embrace the realities of a world that already embraces world views and indeed embraces other faiths. We all know, Richard Dell claims, that Christians and Muslims and Hindus and Buddhists etc walk hand in hand into heaven. Even our churches, deep down, know this. It is time, Richard Dell argues in this short but powerful booklet, to embrace that greater faith, and thereby to be properly true to that earlier faith.