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‘And know this, Jamila of my heart. Love Harold for ever. And in your love, know love. And in knowing love, give love. And in giving love, surrender love. And in surrendering love, be love. And in being love: be Jamila at last.' (Chapter 21)

In this mystical novel, set during the Second World War, British Army officer Harold's destiny doesn't just belong to himself. His journey isn't just his own. Many souls are linked, as war owns them all. Told by a Cairo Magus that his destiny is upon him, it is in war torn Bosnia that Harold finds love and seeks Bosnia's ‘Other Magus'. Jamila, whom he left in Cairo, never ceases to be linked to him, as her own extraordinary and ‘inner' journey begins.
The physical plane and the inner planes, the struggle of war, and the struggle of the spiritual quest, are all interwoven and interlinked as Harold's journey takes him no nearer home, but ever nearer to himself.

Harold is wary. The man might be beckoning him to a trap. But it is more dangerous than that. The man is beckoning Harold to his destiny. (Chapter 1)