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The new politics for the new millennium. Transferring the language and logic of alternative medicine and healing into the arena of politics reveals what is wrong with our modern western politics, our modern western way of life; and what we have to do to change things.

A delightful romp through many of the religious and spiritual issues that trouble us today.

A children's novel in which, for the street boys of Cairo, football is more important than food.

A heartfelt lament for our present-day Christian churches that stick so rigidly to the original teachings of the church; doing so even though the great majority of our churches' flocks are no longer in the fold, are no longer reached by the old words and the old beliefs.

A mystical novel.

ĎAnd know this, Jamila of my heart. Love Harold for ever. And in your love, know love. And in knowing love, give love. And in giving love, surrender love. And in surrendering love, be love. And in being love: be Jamila at last.' (Chapter 21)

British Army officer Harold's destiny doesn't just belong to himself. His journey isn't just his own. Many souls are linked, as war owns them all; as they all seek to belong.